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Mobile Trainer

Training Station How-To Library

Works On Any Mobile Device

Mobile Website Friendly

No need to download another fitness app.  In moments of arrival your customers can refer to the instructional decal or quickly scan the QR code and start watching the instructional videos.

Adding New Workouts Regularly

We work with several fitness professionals to constantly update the exercise libraries so that your customers get the latest information on targeting their desired muscle groups.  Stay up-to-date with our Mobile Trainer platform.

Easy to use, Always There for you

Get Training in 3 Steps


Locate Training Station Instructional Decal with QR Code


Scan the QR Code with Your Phone Camera


Watch How-To Videos

MoveStrong Functional Fitness

Modular Solutions

Our modular platform allows our customers to realize maximum training functionality with limited space.  Each training station can act as a component to a larger integrated obstacle course or as an individual focused training station to target and isolate specific muscle groups.

Our complementary instructional program is designed to educate users on the many different ways they can isolate and target desired results by instructional decals or if they want more, a mobile trainer how-to library.

MoveStrong FitGround

Individual in-ground training stations and accessories

MoveStrong TREX

Integrated durable post workout solutions and accessories

MoveStrong Obstacle Course

Large component systems designed to completed as a obstacle course